Mandelieu-La Napoule, the leading nautical destination in CÔTE d'AZUR FRANCE, displays its ambition with regard to the nautical sector. The level of port equipment is exceptional with more than 6000 berths spread over seven ports entirely dedicated to yachting. Open-water ports at sea or in the river, or dry port complementing the local port system, boaters find there a quality service specific to the practice of this activity. Mandelieu, via the "Pays de Lérins" nautical center of excellence, wishes to increase its attractiveness in this area, meet the expectations of professionals to promote employment and the development of companies and be part of an exemplary approach in terms of of sustainable development.

On the side of the Mandolotian ports, in addition to the Port La Napoule which notably hosts the La Napoule Boat Show, Port de la Rague, located at the western end of the city is a port-village overlooked by the Castle of Agecroft and by a railway viaduct with six arches. the Port Inland, a dry port with some 800 berths, is located on the banks of Siagne. Port of Riou is entirely devoted to motorboats in this small communal port located in the Napoule district, at the mouth of the Riou.

The private ports of Mandelieu-La Napoule: Port Cannes Marina – Port Marco Polo – Marina Park.

What to do in Mandelieu?

Mandelieu-La Napoule is a seaside town, on a human scale, in the heart of an exceptional territory between the Mediterranean, Estérel and the Tanneron Forest, irrigated by multiple canals and bordered by the bucolic banks of the Siagne. She is considered a garden city, and sports and boating are honored there because of its history, since it was the aristocracy who imported elegant sports there from the end of the 19rd century.

In terms of heritage, the emblem of Mandelieu is the Château de La Napoule. Today, property of the Henry Clews Foundation, it literally has its feet in the water, at the foot of Port La Napoule, and forms the backdrop of the La Napoule Boat Show. On the Port de la Rague side, you can see the Agecroft Castle better known as the “Château des Mineurs”. It is also built of ocher stones taken from the Estérel.

The mythical Old Course and Barbossi Riviera Golf, rather arty, are two signatures of the golfing world. Today they represent the excellence and modernity of this elegant sport practiced for 130 years in France, in Mandelieu-La Napoule!

Finally, the mandolocian gastronomy will also delight epicureans in search of unique flavors. The La Napoule district and the Ports of Mandelieu offer warm and gourmet addresses for sunny brunches or romantic evenings with a breathtaking view of the sea or in an authentic bistro-style setting!

Welcome to Mandelieu-La Napoule!